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The company MusicaBona was the operator of the MusicaBona.com Internet shop. The company had a base in the center of Prague (capital of the Czech Republic) and all consignments are dispatched from Prague as well. MusicaBona.com has its customers all over the world, however particularly from the USA (40%), European Union countries (35%), South America (10%) and from Japan and Korea (10%).

Musica Bona company was establish in 1996 by musician Zbigniew Janusz and entrepreneur David Nebesk, in 2001 Frantiek Kusk, private investor, joined the company. Initially the company devoted itself to the classical “stone” sale, in 1998 the decision was arrived at to create the on-line shop oriented to the global market and maximum quality of all services provided.

In times when most of the world’s largest Internet companies , particularly e-shops, started facing serious problems, Musica Bona became an example of an online business which despite low capital is capable of achieving success. Since January 2001 (launched same year as piano forum) Musica Bona has exclusively been devoting itself to the sale via Internet. And while a series of other e-shops are restricting their activity or are being closed down, Musica Bona is blossoming and reaching profits.

Where is the secret of the success of MusicaBona.com? Firstly it surely lies in low prices. Unlike other shops MusicaBona.com purchases most of assortment directly from publishers and so it may offer lower prices to its customers. The stress on maximum reliability, promptness and quality of all provided services is quite undoubtedly the second and main secret of the success of Musica Bona company. MusicaBona.com is permanently capable of satisfying more than 99.7% orders, which the customers of Musica Bona e-shop appreciate most of all, and independent studies show that as far as the satisfaction of its customers is concerned Musica Bona leads ahead of the other e-shops including Amazon.com.

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